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Case Study: Development of a Restaurant Management System


A restaurant management system is a software solution that helps streamline various operations and tasks in running a restaurant / cafe. A chain of restaurants wants to have a smoother functioning of all their restaurants and have a constant system in place to give its customers a standardized experience throughout the chains.

Problem statement

To accomplish this goal, they tried various restaurant management systems. Still, they couldn't get all the functions in one system, such as reservations, table management, ordering, billing, inventory management, and more.


Moxiedeck Software proposed a comprehensive solution where they developed a restaurant management system that provides features such as Online Reservations, Menu Customization, Order Tracking, Kitchen Display System (KDS), Counter Dashboard, Real-time Reports and much more that can enhance the overall customer experience. It allows restaurants to personalize the dining experience and standardize the system throughout their restaurant, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.

The system was designed to be user-friendly so the company won't incur extra costs in training their staff about its usage and functionality. It was created with the most recent web development tools and was speed- and frictionless-performance-optimized.


The restaurant management system developed by the software development company typically includes a range of features that can help restaurants streamline their operations and improve their overall performance. Here are some standard features that made the restaurants work smoother:

Table Management: This feature allows restaurants to manage reservations and assign customer tables.

Order Taking: A restaurant management system typically includes an order-taking feature that enables servers to take customer orders directly from a tablet or mobile device.

Billing and Payment Processing: A restaurant management system typically includes a billing and payment processing feature that enables restaurants to generate and process bills quickly and efficiently.

Inventory Management: This feature allows restaurants to manage their inventory levels and track the usage of ingredients and supplies.


Increased Efficiency: Restaurants have reported increased efficiency in their operations, particularly in table management, order taking, billing, and inventory management.

Improved Customer Service: Restaurant management systems provided personalized and efficient customer service, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Data Management: This data helped restaurants make informed decisions about menu items, pricing, and other aspects of their business.

Use of analytics: The ability to generate detailed reports and analytics helped restaurants make data-driven decisions that can further reduce costs.

Some additional facts and figures for you:

A survey by Toast found that 73% of restaurant owners believe that technology improves the customer experience, and 95% of customers prefer restaurants that use technology to enhance their experience.

It can help reduce costs by optimizing inventory management, reducing food wastage, and eliminating the need for manual labour. It also helps restaurants make data-driven decisions and identify areas where cost savings can be achieved.

A report by TechNavio found that inventory management software is the most widely adopted restaurant management software, with a market share of 34.91%.

Data management with restaurant management systems becomes easy as it provides detailed reports and analytics that enable restaurants to gain insights into their operations. This data can help restaurants make informed decisions about menu items, pricing, and other aspects of their business.

According to a study by Lightspeed, restaurants that use a digital ordering system saw a 20% increase in order size, and 60% of customers said they would order more frequently from online restaurants.


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